The Field Of The Cloth Of Gold

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The meeting of the Field of the Cloth of Gold : 7th-24th June, 1520

In order to cope with the increasingly important power of his rival, Charles Quint, the king of France, François I, seeks to persuade Henry VIII, king of England, to form an alliance with him.

The two kings meet between Boulogne and Calais in June 1520. This episode is known as the meeting of the « Field of the cloth of gold ».

However Henry VIII refuses the offer of François I and prefers to ally himself with the emperor Charles Quint.

Perhaps the name given to this meeting comes from that of the small valley called « Le Val Doré », « the Golden Valley » between Guînes and Ardres where it took place. More probably it is explained by the sumptuous fabrics which were used to decorate the tents erected on the site and the luxurious clothes of the kings and their entourages.

This meeting had a diplomatic stake: it was a matter of strengthening the links between France and England. The two kings themselves were going to negotiate in a vast tent specially set up in the centre of the Golden Valley, then allow their diplomats to continue during the following days.

The meeting also had a festive and symbolic dimension : splendid festivals were organised, with jousts, tournaments, hand to hand contests and banquets. During these festivities each king tried to outdo the other in magnificence, valour, generosity and courtesy.


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