The battle of Agincourt

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The battle of Agincourt 25th October, 1415

At Agincourt, between Hésdin and Fruges, on 25th October, 1415 the English army, under the command of Henry V of Lancaster, king of England, composed of 9000 men inflicted the worst defeat of the 100 Years War on the French army albeit the French being twice their number and commanded by Marshall Boucicaut and the Constable Charles d’Albret.

The battle started with a charge of the French cavalrymen who first of all made the English army standing back. But the English arrows kill a lot of knight and a lot of horses.

In front of the failure of the cavalry charge, the Constable Charles d’Albret leads a charge of men at arms in full plate armour. A lot of these men at arms on foot were slaughtered by the English archers. The second French line got no more success and a lot of French noblemen were taken prisoners. A lot of them were executed on order of Henry V who was afraid of a revolte of this numerous prisoners.

The French improvisation and disorganisation will lead the French host into a true massacre faced by the thousands of English archers entrenched behind their stakes.

This battle got terrible consequences for the French nobility: about 6000 French knight were killed (for only 1000 English fighters) and some French families disappeared further to this battle.


Surrounded by greenery in the heart of the 7 Valleys area, the centre for medieval history at Azincourt 1415 allows visitors to experience life as it was in the Middle Ages.

Entirely renewed, the centre offers a 250m² extension and a modern view of the iconic battle from the Hundred Years War.

Scientific and educational in its purpose, the historical centre introduces visitors to the late Middle Ages through everyday life and war.

Particularly suitable for children, the Medieval Historic Centre is also an essential resource for anyone fascinated by the Middle Ages.

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